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Information Systems

We provide information systems for small and medium businesses that improves internal communication, information exchange and organization processes. Our solutions are based on a single platform represented by Ariadne information system. This information system is adapted to the needs of our clients. Since this information system is our own product, we are able to respond flexibly to specific needs of our clients, starting with customizations using the configuration system and ending by the development of entirely new modules and functions.

Software Development

We are able to develop advanced solutions for our clients. Our developers have extensive experience in analyzing client needs and designing the most appropriate solution. We develop both web and traditional desktop applications in the range from simple utilities to complex applications. GrowJOB Institute uses agile development approach with its emphasis on communication with clients and the flexibility to respond to changes.

We use technologies PHP (Nette framework), SQL, Microsoft .NET (C#, WPF, XAML), C/C++ (Qt, wxWidgets, OpenCV), Java SE (Swing), Java EE (Spring framework, Hibernate), Bash scripting, HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX), Web services, NetLogo, Python and more.

IT Outsourcing and Technical Support

For our clients we are able to provide assistance in the management of information technology in the form of outsourcing these services. We also provide technical support for our own products and help with other problems, which our clients may face.

Consultancy and Requirements Analysis

Extensive know-how of our engineers can also be used in the form of consultations. We are able to analyze client's needs and on the basis of these analysis recommend appropriate solutions. Our engineers are able to become consultants and expert supervisors in the implementation of IT projects by another contractor or client's employees.

We provide consultations in the areas of software design and development, particular technologies, information technology usages, project management, requirements analysis, user interface design, as well as related areas such as search engine optimization, graphic design and copywriting.


We create company websites and advanced e-shops using GrowJOB Institute´s know-how to ensure the best possible user experience. We cooperate with excellent graphic designers and experts in the field. Our services includes not only technical implementation, but we provide comprehensive services from content structure design, graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) and advertisement (PPC and other forms of online marketing). Our websites are based on the basic version of the Ariadne information system that supports managing the content by client using simple and intuitive administration interface.

Other Service

We are able to respond to other needs of our clients in the field of technical implementations. If these needs fall outside of the specialization of our own engineers, we are able to either mediate the implementation or recommend appropriate solutions.